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So much coffee to drink, so little time.
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"Life is too short for bad coffee."

Almost everyone has heard that phrase, but only few people ever learn what good coffee really is and how to make it.

Here is a secret:
It cannot be made from coffee beans that were packaged weeks or months ago. Nor can it be made by a "magic" machine that makes whatever drink you want just by pressing a button.

The key to good coffee is good coffee. Good coffee beans are beans that were roasted within the last 14 days.

The world's greatest barista with the world's greatest machinery cannot make good coffee out of stale, poor quality beans.

For a short beginner's primer on some of the various coffees click

Coffee Varieties

For the last eighteen years I have tried to learn how to make better coffee. I quickly realised that my taste in coffee is "Mediterranean," that is short and sweet. To quench my thirst I drink water or juice or soft drinks. For me, coffee is more like a sweet or a small treat. This realisation led me quickly to


and the apparently never ceasing effort to improve technique, equipment and beans. I soon realised the necessity of


my own beans and have been doing so using various roasters for the past 12 years. For me this is a passion, a way of life. If this sounds crazy to you then just press

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