Seven to ten grams of finely ground coffee extracted in
32 ml of water at 9 bar pressure and a temperature of
92-95°C in 25-30 seconds.

The definition is simple. Achieving these conditions is not as
simple as it may sound, but the results are worth the effort.

The quality of the results depends upon:

I. The quality and freshness of the coffee beans

II. The suitability and condition of the grinder

III. The training and skill of the barista

IV. The espresso machine

in that order of importance

My first serious espresso equipment
November 2001

Much has changed since the pictures below were taken.
Although I'm still using these machines (as well as others)
my coffee is far better now than it was 9 years ago.
It still surprises me how much there is to learn and how
difficult it is to be consistent in pulling espresso shots.


The 1-group commercial Francesconi just after the machine was delivered.

The first setup without sink but plumbed in.
The grinders are a La Cimbali Cadet
and a La SanMarco. The scale is a
Philips digital and the knockbox
(far right) is a wooden wine box


The burled walnut really matched the furnishings in the house.

Copper boiler and pipes.
Commercial machines are
built to be used and to
last a long time.

12 Years later
I've owned the machine this long. These are my impressions.

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