Spiritual Growth

In 2002, when this website began, I had planned for this topic to be the most complete and most important. It quickly became apparent that this was not to be the case as the subject is by its very nature personal and complex.

Peculiarly enough, a number of people have written to ask me about this, about when I would be adding something here. I have not really been able to answer that. I'm still not able to write much about the subject.

When one begins on a path one feels that it is necessary to speak in detail about it. When one has followed the path for a longer period (almost 30 years in my case) it becomes less and less necessary, or even possible, to speak about it.

Should anyone be interested in these matters they can send me an e-mail and we can try to open a dialogue of sorts.

In March 2009 I added a page of personal thoughts some of which are related to this topic. Clearly, these thoughts are not original, but they reflect that which I have learned on my journey. I have added to them as time has passed. You might look here if you are interested.

"I generally refuse to give anyone advice about anything. The responsibility is much too great. What's more there are too many things one cannot know. In this one case I will make an exception to my rule. However, I will do so only only under one circumstance, that you promise not to follow the advice I give you."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1710–1782)


If you are interested in finding freinds to accompany you on your spiritual journey you might look here .


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